White Lava Rock + Red Coral

White Lava Rock + Red Coral

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White is purity. Red Coral is well known to simulates the energetic pursuit of pre-determined goals. It also protects from depression and despondency.


* 7" Diameter

* 11 gr.


* White Lava Rocks

* Red Coral Beads

* Silver Plated Alloy / Nickel Free

* Resistant elastic string.


*Store your piece individually.

*Avoid the contact with perfume, creams, nail polish, detergents or any chemical that can damage the piece.

*Do not expose your bijouterie to excessive heat or humidity.

*Do not take baths with your bijouterie on.

*Clean your piece of bijouterie with a soft cloth.

*Try to alternate the use of your bijouterie to help them to last


Most of our creations contain small pieces. We recommend to keep them out of the reach of children and pets.